Skinwalker Ranch: de grootste paranormale hotspot op aarde?

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Skinwalker Ranch: de grootste paranormale hotspot op aarde?

Bericht door 4l13N » 25 mei 2019, 12:35

South east of Ballard, Utah there is a place which has been called the most active and diverse paranormal hotspot in the world.

For decades people have claimed to have encountered all manner of bizarre phenomena in the area: UFOs, aliens, inter-dimensional beings, invincible cryptids, wormholes, shadowy entities, and so much more. At the heart of these reports is Sherman Ranch. In recent years, as stories of extraordinary happenings there spread into public consciousness, the farm became known, rather sensationally, as Skinwalker Ranch. So strange is this location reported to be, that it has attracted the attention of scientists, professors and even US military personnel, many of whom have been left befuddled by inexplicable occurrences.

It is the combined weight of the reputations of many of those involved which has given Skinwalker Ranch an impressive resume of testimony. Yet, one would be forgiven for being suspicious of the undoubtedly fantastical stories which have reached the public forum. After all, they are just stories. With a lack of physical evidence, and often less than adequate known records and written sources, Skinwalker Ranch is a difficult case to analyse. Even constructing a clear narrative of events that supposedly happened at the ranch is challenging. Whether this be due to concealed records, a campaign of misinformation or outright falsification remains to be seen. ... -on-earth/

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