Hongaren zijn Martians ?!

Voor reportages m.b.t. mysterieuze zaken.
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Hongaren zijn Martians ?!

Bericht door oktagon » 01 mar 2016, 13:56

Op een site met betrekking tot vroegere intelligenties op Mars las ik een site,waar een verslag wordt gedaan over wetenschappers van voor WOII ,die werden vermeld bij een bijeenkomst van geleerden in Budapest.

Aanloop van het verslag:

It is well known that it was the U.S., and soon thereafter the Soviet Union, England, France, and China, where nuclear power was accomplished. In addition, a number of highly talented physicists of other nations contributed to the success, e.g. Germans (Hans Bethe, Felix Bloch, Otto Hahn, Rudolf Peierls), Austrians (Otto Robert Frisch, Hans Halban, Lise Meitner, Victor Weisskopf), Italians (Eduardo Amaldi, Enrico Fermi, Bruno Pontecorvo, Emilio Segré). Teller used to emphasize: - It was the work of many people. - Why are just Hungarian scientists considered to be, in some sense, "aliens"?

Een eindje verder:
The birth of a legend

- Enrico Fermi was a man with outstanding talents, he had many interests outside his own particular field. He was credited with asking famous questions. There are long preambles to Fermi's questions like this:

- The universe is vast, containing myriads of stars, many of them not unlike our Sun. Many of these stars are likely to have planets circling around them. A fair fraction of these planets will have liquid water on their surface and a gaseous atmosphere. The energy pouring down from a star will cause the synthesis of organic compounds, turning the ocean into a thin, warm soup. These chemicals will join each other to produce a self-reproducing system. The simplest living things will multiply, evolve by natural selection and become more complicated till eventually active, thinking creatures will emerge. Civilization, science, and technology will follow. Then, yearning for fresh worlds, they will travel to neighboring planets, and later to planets of nearby stars. Eventually they should spread out all over the Galaxy. These highly exceptional and talented people could hardly overlook such a beautiful place as our Earth. - "And so, " - Fermi came to his overwhelming question, - "if all this has been happening, they should have arrived here by now, so where are they? " - It was Leo Szilard, a man with an impish sense of humor, who supplied the perfect reply to Fermi's rethoric: - "They are among us," - he said, - "but they call themselves Hungarians. "

met ook:
- Gabor, von Kármán, Kemeny, von Neumann, Szilard, Teller, and Wigner were born in the same quarter of Budapest. No wonder the scientists in Los Alamos accepted the idea that well over one thousand years ago a Martian spaceship crashlanded somewhere in the center of Europe. There are three firm proofs of the extraterrestrial origins of the Hungarians: they like to wander about (like gypsies radiating out from the same region). They speak an exceptionally simple and logical language which has not the slightest connection with the language of their neighbors. And they are so much smarter than the terrestrials. (In a slight Martian accent John G. Kemeny added an explanation, namely, that it is so much easier to learn reading and writing in Hungarian than in English or French, that Hungarian kids have much more time left to study mathematics.)

nb.Who was Mr Kemeny,look at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_G._Kemeny

Interessante site over Kemeny (laatste editie 2016) verder: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Mil ... d_accident

en einde verslag "Hongaren zijn Martians":

- Technological development is much too fast to be matched by biological adaptation of man. Moses showed the Promised Land to his people, but then he led them around for forty years in the wilderness until a new generation worthy of it had grown up. Now forty years is not an unreasonable estimate for educating a new generation which can live in leisure, but we must find a better equivalent of the wilderness. At the present stage of technology the time ought to be shorter - merely the time to train teachers and for the teachers to train the first generation of modern workers. It is not so much the education of the people which is slow but the education of the leaders.

The prophecies of Hungarians were not always appreciated by their fellow scientists. Still, eventually, some of their forecasts and advice were acknowledged in America - because they worked. This has made the liberation of nuclear power also a Martian success story.

De conclusie eruit zou zijn,dat de mens niet zal ontsnappen aan alle versnelde ontwikkelingen en daar ook heel snel aan zal wennen;zie al het gebruik van allerhande handies met toetsjes en schermpjes met info op welk gebied dan ook.

de site : http://mek.oszk.hu/03200/03286/html/tud ... tians.html

Vergt wel inspanning en tijd; ik las het oppervlakkig en het is intrigerend. [think]

Als er nog wat fut overblijft,dan is de volgende site te lezen:

http://www.esa.int/spaceinvideos/Videos ... al_edition
Elke vraag,hoe stom ook gesteld,geeft blijk van aanwezigheid van enige vorm van intelligentie!
Doe maar gewoon,dan doe je gek genoeg (aanvulling APM)

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